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Physician Thriving is a blog exploring the modern experience of physicians with a focus on cultivating tools to help build a sustainable career in medicine.

Meaning and Purpose: Burnout and Resilience

Like many of you, my work life has changed significantly over the years. These transitions have reinforced my conviction that a strong sense of meanin...
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More on Mindfulness: Recognizing Your Stress Response

Mindfulness, described by Kabat-Zinn, PhD as “paying attention, on purpose, with moment-to-moment awareness, in a particular way, without judgment”, i...
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Mindfulness in Medicine

Before considering any intervention in physician wellness it is important to emphasize the complexity of the issue and acknowledge the multiple metric...
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Physician Thriving: Bullying in Medicine

This month’s topic is bullying in the workplace and is adapted from my work in the American Academy of Pediatrics.  My interest in this topi...
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Physician Thriving: Financial Wellbeing

Financial stress is a widely recognized element in physician burnout, although to those outside of medicine this may seem paradoxical. In early career...
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